Sunday, 18 January 2009

Unsuccessful yet sparkly day

Today started bad and then got worse! When my alarm went off at 7.30 i felt like i'd only been asleep for an hour. After driving for an hour to get to the craft fair (in the snow and gale force winds) we got there late.

The morning was slow and i only sold a couple of little headbands, the afternoon was slower! It was nice to spend the day with my mum (again). We had a natter and i got a bit more of my knitting done too. I also found out about the Cumbria Steam Gathering that happens in July. A lovely man o one of the stalls told me about it - its £50.00 for a pitch for two days. I am definatley doing it!

Martin's little (nearly 18) brother is also coming to stay with us for...well i'm not exactly sure how long. He is not coping too well at home and there is the mutual feeling that both him and his mum need a break from each other. This will not be the first time we have him staying with us, he lived with us for a few months at the beginning of the year during which time he stayed in bed all day, didn't turn up to work and generally was idle. Hopefully this time will be different and to be fair on him he seems to have grown up ALOT over this past year - i actually enjoy his company now!

We'll just have to see how it goes, and if i can cope with having someone staying in my office/craft room! He only asked if he could come this morning and he already has a job interview lined up for tomorrow so fingers crossed.

As the craft fair was in Penrith we were already 45 minutes nearer home so it only took just under an hour to travel home. I have madly rushed around trying to clear a space for him to fit among all of my craft supplies and Martins new Xbox chair so now the living room and our bedroom looks like a tiny and much messier version of HobbyCraft!

Oh i did manage to pick up a little bargain in the form of these lovely sparkles from the fair....

...arn't they pretty!


  1. What a shame you had such a slow day, I think everyone must be tightening their belts after Christmas!

    I love the sparkles!

  2. Allan's 18 y.o. sister is having trouble compying at home too. She's just discovering her independence, but is a really great girl. I wonder when she'll be needing a place to crash. lol.

    I love the sparkles!

  3. 7:30am and sundays bad start!
    Glad you got to it though sorry it was slow but it must of been nice with mum and getting some knitting done x x

    Good luck with the 18 yo hope all goes well x x my eldest is 16 he does love to stay at my sisters from time to time, he can have more freedom there than here, with no siblings hounding his space x x

    Thanks for adding my blog, I have added you too and look forward to reading more x x

    ~Buffy x x

  4. I too have a 19 year old brother... and I know, that they can be such a pain... only some of the time, though!
    Wishing you better luck, next time with the Craft Fair!
    Debbie Moss

    From Chorley