Friday, 23 October 2009

This week I have...

...mostly been making:

2 bags
1 apron
1 scarf
1 butterfly brooch
1 cushion cover
and a pig!

After my rant about the lack of 'making' I have been doing recently I have gone into overdrive this week.

Pictures to follow later this evening!

x x x

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Where has my 'creative mojo' gone?

I have not been posting much at all over the last few months, mainly because I have not really done anything that is blog worthy, i'm sure no one really wants to read about my day at work, or about me doing house work or generally rushing around like a mad woman. I haven't even been creative enough to make anything worth blogging about.

I think that the whole leaving university and getting a 'proper' job has knocked me slightly off track. I realised how bad it had got last night when, while hunting for a scarf, i found my sewing machine at the bottom of my wardrobe totally hidden from sight. My boxes of beads and buttons have been hidden away in cupboards and my stash of felt is sitting in a box in the utility room looking very un-used and un-loved. Even my friend commented the other week about the lack of 'making' I have been doing declaring that my 'creative mojo' seemed to have done a dissappearing act.

I am also missing reading about what everyone is doing, saying and making.

So I will say it on here so that I can make no more excuses, I will make at least one new thing each week, something different that I have not made before and that will keep me feeling happy and creative and help me to find my 'creative mojo' again!

Any suggestions/tutorials are welcomed - I'll have a bash at anything!

Love to every one from a very bad blogger

x x x