Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A new arrival

I forgot to mention a big thank you for all your lovely comments about the arrival of martin's not so little brother. After the disaster that was him living with us last year i was presently surprised when he walked through the door and announced 'ey, help me find a job sarah'. granted not the most polite request but a request with the right intentions.

So off he went on yesterday morning into Preston and arrived back later that day with at least a weeks work at the place he worked for a few months last year - success. he is still looking for another job - i must admit he is making an effort.

He is still messy and loud but he does seem to have discovered that we DO have a dishwasher and that it is easier to put the dishes in it than have me nag him all day! He even hoovered for me while i was out and i only had to ask him once!

So i must admit that i am impressed at how much he has matured in just a few months.

Fingers crossed

x x x

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