Thursday, 29 January 2009

Planning the mansion!

The beginning of December saw two new additions to our family in the form of .....

Pini the gerbil


Pip the gerbil.

Currently they are living in my old hamster cage which is plenty big enough but they have managed to massacre the inside. The once cosy little house is now missing half the roof and one of the sides, the excersise wheel is just a spinning disc with no where to run on and i fear they will soon break through the metal bars! They are very hyperactive and no matter how much 'play time' they have they still insist on chewing anything and everything!

So i have been thinking and scheming for a few weeks to get them a new, fun house. I finally decided at half 11 last night to just take the plunge and spend a rediculous amount of money and buy them the luxury Rotastak Creepy Castle Mansion! It really is a gerbil mansion - it hasd a large living area, two smaller living areas, three small watch tower areas, a wheel and much more!

They are very excited about their new home, and we can't wait for it to arrive!

I will put up some pictures when it has arrived (and when we have managed to put it together!).

x x x


  1. Wow! Aren't they adorable and destructive. Sounds like my puppy. lol. I looked up the mansion on google. Can I move in with them? Looks like they'll be having lots of fun!

  2. Ha ha ha , bless their hearts, they will be getting grand ideas living there!

    They are very cute!