Monday, 20 April 2009

A busy old week

Helloo - i've had a busy old week so apologies for the lack of posting and commenting.

Todays will be a picture heavy blog so you have been warned!

Me and my friend (another Sarah) had a celebratory night out...

...I made lots and lots of these felt brooches and keyrings, some floweras and cupcakes too to take to my craft fair...
...which was a huge success, the best one yet. The sun shone all day and 100's (slight exageration) of people came!

Me and Martin had a nice day out at Skipton Castle...

..and have spent a sunny weekend outside (mainly in the various beer gardens of preston!
Yesterday i spent a super afternoon with my Mum and my Grandma watching the Dancing on Ice tour in Manchester.

This week is panning out to be just as packed as it is mine and Martin's second anniversary tommorrow, my birthday on Friday and Martins birthday next Sunday, lots of cakes to be made!
Hope you are all well
x x x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I am still alive!!!!

Hello there, i am now back but what a hectic few weeks i have had. I have not read any blogs so i have a lot of catching up to do which i'm really looking forward too!!!

I started my new job on monday but i'm woth holding judgement on how i feel about it until i have been there a bit longer - if i decide now it will not be a positive outcome!

All of my time recently has been taken up with uni work, it was a hard slog but is now FINISHED!!!!!! I just have to wait until 14th July now, for graduation, fingers crossed.

Onto more exciting things - i received this parcel in the post aaaaaaages ago from the amazing Jenny. It was as a part of the Heart swap, and i'm only just getting around to bloging about it (shame on me!).

There were some great pieces of felt and material with heart designs on and sone red heart beads...
...There were lots of super buttons...
...and this fabulous purple brooch, which is now pinned proudly on the front of my bag so i can see it every day!
I got some yummy chocolate hearts...
...and this beautiful hanging pink felted heart.
Thank you so much for this great parcel Jenny - i love it!
I went on a night out on Thursday to celebrate the end of Uni so most of yesterday was spent recovering. Today me and Martin made the most of a rare day off together and went to Ramsbotton in Lancashire for the afternoon. I have never been before and i loved the little unique gift shops and the real steam train at the station!
Tomorrow i am doing a craft fair at Guy's Thatched Hamlet near Preston. I did one here just before christmas and it was a huge success so i am looking forward to tomorrow. I must admit though that in the madness of the last few weeks i nearly forgot that i was doing it. Oooops!
I stillhave lots to get ready so i'd better get a move on - i will be doing serious blog catch ups tomorrow when i get home!
x x x x x

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Drowning Under Work :(

I cannot wait to finish university!!!!!

I did not know it was physically possible to write so many words in such a short space of time, I never want to hear the word marketing again.

I have so many wonderful things to blog about, especially my wonderful swap parcel from Jenny, but i havent even had a chance to take piccies yet :(

I am feeling thouroughly misarable and sorry for myself and cannot seem to see an end to the work!

I have to be finished for Sunday night as i start my new job on Monday so i am just focusing on that - it makes me smile!

I have so many blogs to catch up on and i feel like i'm missing so much so fingers crossed i will be able to spend some serious time in blog land on Sunday! :)

Oh and Martin might have some good and exciting news by the beginning of next week so toes crossed too!

x x x