Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Learning to Knit...

After a recent visit to my wonderful Aunty Mamie in Aberdeen, encouragement from my mum and inspiration from the wonderful Daisie, i have started to knit!

I started by trawling the markets in Carlisle until i found the most amazing wool - all pink and fluffy!

I then spent just aslong trying to find a pattern that i would be able to follow and that was simple enough to allow me to produce a reasonably decent outcome - or i fear i will be dissappointed and give up - i need to stay positive!

I eventually found one that only required me to knit two very large rectangles, sew them together and hey preston...i shouold have a poncho!

So far i have done about 1/3 of the first rectangle...

So stay tuned for the outcome!

Much love



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