Monday, 26 January 2009

An exciting step forward and a big question!

The exciting step forward
After a few more days of thinking, a lot of research and discussion and talks with various people I am motivated more than ever before to do something about fulfilling my shop dream! I have enquired about rental costs for a larger unit at Botany Bay and am starting to put together a business plan and do scary things like cash flow forecasts! hehe.

I want the shop to be an eclectic mix of hand made goodies from across the country, I will obviously stock my own handmade creations but I really want to stock as many different types of 'craft' by as many different crafters and makers as I possibly can. I see it as being a handmade treasure trove!

And the big question!
I want to see if there would be an interest out there for placing products in the shop on a sale or return basis? If anyone would be interested in in this or knows any who might be I would really appriciate to know about it. I really just want to see if there would be any interest at this stage.

Please feel free to spread the word to anyone and everyone and please leave me a comment if you are remotley interested!

I'm excited!

x x x


  1. I'm so excited for you! If I was in the area I'd be a return customer. :P

  2. Oh Wow!!!! How exciting for you! It will be fantastic to live your dream!

    I might be interested in having a few things in your shop if there is room - maybe a few bags / cards / small pieces of jewellery like bag charms? I know it depends on what else you are selling, and whether you like my stuff!

    Good luck with getting your business plan sorted out!!! Im keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. How exciting!! I might be interested :) I normally deal with shops on a wholesale basis but might consider sale or return!!

  4. Oh wow that's great , we wanted to open a shop but its all on hold now until we have moved !!!
    I hope it all goes really well for you x

    Sara x