Friday, 23 January 2009

A surprise message...

...landed in my facebook indox today. It was from a lovely girl I went to school with but have not spoken to in over 7 years. It brought a tear to my eye.....

'I am well impressed with your website. I love crafting too, however never worked with felt. lol. Just finished a degree in advertising nr manchester which was cool. but now tryin to do someting fun and creative... n what ure doin is really good. with your own buniess set up and everything. Good luck with that, n i might follow in your footsteps if i ever find out how to set up my own website. lol. GOOD LUCK, not that ure needin it ,. xx'

I have not being doing this crafting thig for long but its things like this that make me want to continue. It has made my week and I am dancing around my living room as I type!

x x x x x x

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