Friday, 23 January 2009

Mmmm cake!

I don't think i've mentioned it before but i have a little unit in a place called Botany Bay near to where i live. It is an old mill that has been turned into a large centre full of little individual units that are rented out. It is a treasure trove of goodies ranging from home made cards to baby clothes.
I have been renting a small (20sq ft) unit there since July 2008. I stock it with jewellery, some that i make but most that i buy wholesale. It has been doing well and sales each month have continued to increase, which is always good.

Ever since i was a little girl and helped my mummy out in her lovely bookshop i have wanted a shop of my own. I would fill it full of handmade treasures by lots of different people and generally lovely goodies!

The ground floor of Botany Bay is set out like victorian streets, with little individual shops (its sooooo sweet). These shops are rented out also, and vary in size from 100sq ft upwards. I have been thinking for sometime about renting one of these units. There is a minimum term of 6 months, which compared to normal retail premisise is good. Also there is the benefit that the shop will not have to be manned all of the time - handy if i need to go to the bank, doctors, shops! hehe.

I am still very much in the 'thinking about it' stage but i would love it if it became a handmade treasure filled reality!

As well as dreaming about my little shop i have also had a busy evening baking. I successfully made some coconut macaroons.

I was going to make a moist banana loaf but as i have no loaf tin :( i have made banana muffins instead. They are, as i type, slowly cooking in the oven but here is a picture of them before they went in! i will let you know how they turn out.
Martin's at work until 10pm tonight :( so i'm having a quite night in with a big glass of apple juice (i don't really drink unless i'm out) and some mindless tv. He's been doing lots of hours latley - he just got a new job. Before christmas he was working part time for Toys r Us but has had his hours cut down so much, post christmas lull, that he has got another job in an off license, not ideal but it keeps the pennies coming in.

Well i'd better check the banana muffins!
x x x


  1. Yummy looking baked goods. Botany bar sounds cute. Hope you get to have your shop and put up pics. :)

  2. You should definitely think seriously about the bigger unit - it would be amazing to make your dream a reality!

    Maybe you could talk to the other people who have the larger units there and see if it is worth their while, especially where people are spending less money at the moment.

    Baking looks good! Yum yum!

  3. Mmmmmm, coconut macaroons! May I have one?? *puppy dog eyes*

  4. Great blog!!! I really hope you can see your dream of a craft outlet, it sounds great! Even if it's not possible right now, there is always the future. OK , people might not be spending at present, but we have had recessions before, and will have them again. They don't last forever.
    Will have to look at Folksy, I love earrings!
    Your bakes look scrumptious!!!!


    Sharon xx