Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My cooking success!

Even though my cooking trials took place over the christmas period i feel way too proud of myself not to mention them!

When me and Martin moved into our first house just over a year ago i was full of ambition - i was going to bake everyday, make lots of lovely goodies and generally live in domestiv bliss. Suffice to say none of the above happened, life kind of took over! So i decided that i would use the christmas break to change this. I spend 19 lovely days at my mum and dad's over christmas and have discovered lots of lovely food i can now make!

I made a lovely broccolli and mushroom quiche......

Some cheese scones....
a loaf of chocolate bread (yummy yummy)........

and some coconut macaroons and a greek stew called Kleftico!

I feel very proud of my attempts, even if the loaf was a bit sad! I intend to keep up with my cooking experiments - next on my list is banana loaf! I'll let you know how i get on.

Much love