Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I have been very uncreative lately - this makes me sad =(

Work is getting to me, a lack of computer memory and an internet connection slower than a very slow snail makes for an unproductive sarah at work - this also makes me sad =(

I woke up last week and could hardly move so i spent all last week off work laid on the sofa not being able to do anything - that made me frustrated and sad! =(

The pump in our tropical fish tank broke down and cost £30 to replace (not replacing it was not an option! hehe) - that made me sad, and skint! =(

I did a vraft fair near to my Mum and Dad's at the weekend and only sold enough to cover the cost of my pitch (everyone else did as bad so at least it wasn't anything personal) - This made me sad and v.bored sitting on a kinda of wooden pew all day with no customers =(

I have been so busy i have hardly been able to spend any time in the shop amongst all of the treasures - sad again =(

My car has started makiing a funny noise when i go, stop and turn! i don't think it likes the 40 mile round trip i now have to do every day and is complaining loudly about it! - guess how this makes me feel........yup, SAD!!! =(

My grass now reaches up to my knees and as much as i hint Martin is not getting the message, hehe - sad (and a little funny when watching next doors cat go manic in it!) =(

However on the up side:

We are going to Florida in 7 days - this makes me v.v.v. happy (if a little scared abut how much i have to do before then) =)

I spent a great weekend at my mum and dad's sitting in the sun watching tadpoles, that are now very big and are starting to grow legs! - happy, happy, happy =)

My back is all fixed and i can actually do things again - happy and mobile! =)

My aunty gave me two massive bags of yummy buttons brought back from France - giddy and happy =)

I have now met all of Martin's family, at a family get together a couple of weeks ago, and they are all lovely. I now belong to two super duper families!!!!! - Loved and Happy =)

Hopfully i will be able to post lots and lots of pictures tomorrow - when i find my camera!

Hope everyone is well
x x x x x

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Still Manic =(


My life is still manic and the manicness shows no sign of easing off so here is a very brief update in pictures!

It was Martin's 21st Birthday on 3rd May so we spent a lovely weekend at my Mum and Dad's, well Martin had a lovely weekend - i spent it all sat in the summer house frantically typing my dissertation!
I can think of worse places to have to be doing work thopugh!

The stream helped to keep me calm! hehe

And Molly Cat tried to help!
We had a nice meal out to celebrate his birthday.
The last few weeks have just been a blur of dissertation, new job, shop, madly trying to get to see all of the family and bottoming the whole house as the lodgers have now left (massive sigh of relief!!!).
I did find time though to take part in Race For Life last weekend in Burnley. It was the firsat time i have done it and i was not prepared for how emotional i would be - its really moving to see so many people all doing something so wonderful!
There was me, my mum, my aunty, my cousin and her friend.
We all marched off from the start...
...and had laughed and nattered our way around the 5k course before we knew it....
...and were soon crossign the finish line..... collect our medals and cereal bars!