Saturday, 21 March 2009

A bad blogger...

....thats me :(

I have been seriously neglecting my blog all week and itys not going get much better i'm afraid (well not for the next couple of weeks anyway). I have aproximatley 17,000 words to write before i finish 13 days! I think i may need a miracle.

So what with typing like a mad woman, trying to keep up with the shop, preparing for starting my new job, taking part in swaps and sleeping i haven't had much time to do anything else.

Please bear with me - i will start being a better blogger soon and commenting more- i promise. :)

So for now hear are a few piccies of how the shop looks now - its a lot lot fuller than the first pictures!

It certainly is a lot fuller isn't it!

There are some lovely brooches and hair clips by the wonderful JennyFlower and a card rack full of Daisie's super duper handmade cards.

I am now stocking these yummy bath bombs and handmade soaps by Northern Naturals...

...and Martins lovely mum has hand painted these bird houses ensuring each one is a one off Angela original!!!

Daisies fab cards....
...and a coupleof bags i made up.
x x x x

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A family filled day

I have had a super duper lovely day today, just how Sundays should be!

This morning was spent having a lie in till ten :o . Then, after dragging our selves out of bed me and Martin nipped up to Botany Bay to check on the shop and to sort a few bits out. The shop is doing really well so far but i'll blog about that later in the week. After Botany Bay we headed to Blackpool to meet my 'Runcorn' family (Martin's mum, her Partner and his brother).

Me and Martin's mum watched as the three 'lads' went go-karting(Martin and his mum's partner)

Boys will be boys and they raced, barged and banged in all out war to be the champion of the circuit!

After the racing me and Martin's mum dragged the very tired and sweaty boys to the pleasure beach. I normally am terrified of rollercoaster but, seen as we are going to Florida in June, i am making a concerted effort to overcome my fear. So i was very impressed when i managed to take on the second scariest ride in the park, go me!

After the pleasure beach me and Martin set off to see my 'Burnley' family. My cousin is moving to Newquay so there was a 'gathering' at my aunty and uncles. It was also my other cousin's (Daisie) birthday so there was lots of cake and presents :)

All in all a lovely day - now for a big cup of tea and Dancing on Ice me thinks!

x x x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Tough One

So my interview was today. I spent all of last night prepearing and practicing my presentation and practicing some questions and answers. This did not help my nerves this morning though!

I was sh*t scared!

I thought that my presentation went well, if a little rushed, but to my dismay the first question was around a subject that everyone had assured me I wouldn't be asked about :( I thought that the best option would be to just admit that i didn't know how to answer it and explain that i had spent all of my time researching a different area.

Thankfully the rest of the questions were a little easier to answer, but i still felt like i was 'blagging' most of it.

After a very tense afternoon i received a phone call informing me that there had been five other people interviewed, all at a very high standard. Two of the candidates had even worked in the same role just for other carers support companies and i was by far the youngest and least experienced of them all.

So imagine my surprise when she finished all of this with the words 'i am very happy to offer you the position'! I seriously nearly dropped the phone! I am sooooo over the moon. The job sounds just what i want, the people are lovely and the money is more than i had hoped i'd get!

I think i'm starting sometime in April, as soon as i've finished my formal lectures really.

So i'm off mow to celebrate, Martin's going to treat me to a meal out!

I'll be bouncing around all week now!

And so i don't blog without a piccie here is one i took at christmas of my beautiful and cheeky shetalnd pony Rhona!

x x x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


There are only 31 days left until i finish my final semester of university - this excites me! And even though i thought i'd never say it, it has gone so quickly!!!

What i am not so keen on is the thought of finding a job :( I have applied for a few things, mainly marketing focused as thats what my degree will be in. I also have two years experience of working for a marketing agency before i went to uni. mu real problem is that i dont really know what i want to do. Obviously i'd love to sit in my shop all day and develop it, but realistically i need a 'proper' job while i develop the shop.

Martin also finishes at the same time as me so he too is on the hunt for a job.

I'm also quite picky when it comes to where i want to work. I don't want to have to comute too far every day, max 45 mins, i want to work for a fairly small company so i don't just become a number and i want lots of responsibility to stop me from becoming bored!

I have been offered an interview for Blackpool Carers Centre - TOMORROW! The centre provides help and support to unpaid carers accross the Blackpool area. This is an area that i have real empathy for, i actually worked as a paid carer for about a year whilst at uni. The job is as Information & Communications Officer - I really want it!

I have prepared a 5 minute presentation and practiced lots of interview questions so i feel fairly well prepared. Allthough i don't hold much hope of getting the job, i think the interview will be great experience for the future. I'm sure there will be lots of other candidates that are far more qualified than me and have much more experience but i'll give it my best shot!

So a stressful day tomorrow - fingers crossed anywho!

And so as not to post without a piccie - heres one of my mums super duper tortoise Tommy waving at me!

x x x

Friday, 6 March 2009

Treats and things

A very busy day today - meeting with uni lecturer at 9am, meeting with assignment partner at 10am, home for quick sandwich and meet mum before heading to Preston market where we met a lovely 'wool woman' as we have called her.
We bought lots of yummy wool - some for me, some for mum and some to parcel off and send to grandma who is knitting like a mad woman for things to put in the shop!

After the market we trawled a selection of Prestons many charity shops but only came away with two red noses and two red nose day pin badges!

Home to pick Martin up after the shops and off to my aunty and uncles for a well deserved chippy tea!

After tea me, mum and my aunty headed to the fabulous Boundry Mill, shopping heaven, where i found these little treats...

Some yummy white hot chocolate, some even yummier yogurty raisins and....

...these fab tea towels with cup cakes on!!!!!!
x x x

Monday, 2 March 2009

Giveaway Time!

The fabulous Jelly Belly Jelly Brain is holing a super duper giveaway. To celebrate her 252nd post she is giving away one of her fab beaded watches!

To enter all you have to do it add a comment to her post here the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world so get commenting people!

The lucky winner can choose from lots of coulour including: pink, lilac, green, blue, red and lots lots more but GOLD is not available!!!