Saturday, 21 March 2009

A bad blogger...

....thats me :(

I have been seriously neglecting my blog all week and itys not going get much better i'm afraid (well not for the next couple of weeks anyway). I have aproximatley 17,000 words to write before i finish 13 days! I think i may need a miracle.

So what with typing like a mad woman, trying to keep up with the shop, preparing for starting my new job, taking part in swaps and sleeping i haven't had much time to do anything else.

Please bear with me - i will start being a better blogger soon and commenting more- i promise. :)

So for now hear are a few piccies of how the shop looks now - its a lot lot fuller than the first pictures!

It certainly is a lot fuller isn't it!

There are some lovely brooches and hair clips by the wonderful JennyFlower and a card rack full of Daisie's super duper handmade cards.

I am now stocking these yummy bath bombs and handmade soaps by Northern Naturals...

...and Martins lovely mum has hand painted these bird houses ensuring each one is a one off Angela original!!!

Daisies fab cards....
...and a coupleof bags i made up.
x x x x


  1. :) Wow. It's looking really nice. I hope business is good for you!

  2. The shop is looking really great, well done you! Hope your swap arrives tomorrow, and that it dosen't disract you too much! xx

  3. It does look good - I hope to be able to come and visit soon :)

  4. Yay that would be soo good - let me know when you manage to sort out a visit! x x x

  5. Dun-dun-dun!
    You won my beaded watch giveaway!!!!
    I PROMISE to get *everything* made within the next few weeks!

  6. Your shop looks great .
    clares craftroom

  7. It's looking really fab!! Full of lovely things. How could people resist!? xx