Sunday, 15 March 2009

A family filled day

I have had a super duper lovely day today, just how Sundays should be!

This morning was spent having a lie in till ten :o . Then, after dragging our selves out of bed me and Martin nipped up to Botany Bay to check on the shop and to sort a few bits out. The shop is doing really well so far but i'll blog about that later in the week. After Botany Bay we headed to Blackpool to meet my 'Runcorn' family (Martin's mum, her Partner and his brother).

Me and Martin's mum watched as the three 'lads' went go-karting(Martin and his mum's partner)

Boys will be boys and they raced, barged and banged in all out war to be the champion of the circuit!

After the racing me and Martin's mum dragged the very tired and sweaty boys to the pleasure beach. I normally am terrified of rollercoaster but, seen as we are going to Florida in June, i am making a concerted effort to overcome my fear. So i was very impressed when i managed to take on the second scariest ride in the park, go me!

After the pleasure beach me and Martin set off to see my 'Burnley' family. My cousin is moving to Newquay so there was a 'gathering' at my aunty and uncles. It was also my other cousin's (Daisie) birthday so there was lots of cake and presents :)

All in all a lovely day - now for a big cup of tea and Dancing on Ice me thinks!

x x x


  1. :) Sounds like lots of fun! When you go to Florida make sure you visit Busch Gardens!

  2. Hi Sarah thought I would pop over and say hi as we have been chosen to be easter swap buddies by pixie. your shop is looking lovely good luck with it, I wille touch about the swap have a lovely evening Jan x