Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Tough One

So my interview was today. I spent all of last night prepearing and practicing my presentation and practicing some questions and answers. This did not help my nerves this morning though!

I was sh*t scared!

I thought that my presentation went well, if a little rushed, but to my dismay the first question was around a subject that everyone had assured me I wouldn't be asked about :( I thought that the best option would be to just admit that i didn't know how to answer it and explain that i had spent all of my time researching a different area.

Thankfully the rest of the questions were a little easier to answer, but i still felt like i was 'blagging' most of it.

After a very tense afternoon i received a phone call informing me that there had been five other people interviewed, all at a very high standard. Two of the candidates had even worked in the same role just for other carers support companies and i was by far the youngest and least experienced of them all.

So imagine my surprise when she finished all of this with the words 'i am very happy to offer you the position'! I seriously nearly dropped the phone! I am sooooo over the moon. The job sounds just what i want, the people are lovely and the money is more than i had hoped i'd get!

I think i'm starting sometime in April, as soon as i've finished my formal lectures really.

So i'm off mow to celebrate, Martin's going to treat me to a meal out!

I'll be bouncing around all week now!

And so i don't blog without a piccie here is one i took at christmas of my beautiful and cheeky shetalnd pony Rhona!

x x x


  1. That is fantastic news! Well done you-what a good lesson in asking and getting! Big celebratery hug. xx

    So pleased to hear your good news!! You're a star* : )

    Sharon xxx

  3. Oh, forgot it was today, would have emailed and wished you loads of luck but you obviously didn't need any!!!
    Jumping up and down on your behalf!

  4. Just to comment on the blagging bit, my mother always said to me, she feels like she a playing at life, and one day somebody is going to find out, she can really do the job!!

  5. Well done you on getting the job !!

    Sara x

  6. OOOhhhh! Well done! It's a great feeling!!