Tuesday, 10 March 2009


There are only 31 days left until i finish my final semester of university - this excites me! And even though i thought i'd never say it, it has gone so quickly!!!

What i am not so keen on is the thought of finding a job :( I have applied for a few things, mainly marketing focused as thats what my degree will be in. I also have two years experience of working for a marketing agency before i went to uni. mu real problem is that i dont really know what i want to do. Obviously i'd love to sit in my shop all day and develop it, but realistically i need a 'proper' job while i develop the shop.

Martin also finishes at the same time as me so he too is on the hunt for a job.

I'm also quite picky when it comes to where i want to work. I don't want to have to comute too far every day, max 45 mins, i want to work for a fairly small company so i don't just become a number and i want lots of responsibility to stop me from becoming bored!

I have been offered an interview for Blackpool Carers Centre - TOMORROW! The centre provides help and support to unpaid carers accross the Blackpool area. This is an area that i have real empathy for, i actually worked as a paid carer for about a year whilst at uni. The job is as Information & Communications Officer - I really want it!

I have prepared a 5 minute presentation and practiced lots of interview questions so i feel fairly well prepared. Allthough i don't hold much hope of getting the job, i think the interview will be great experience for the future. I'm sure there will be lots of other candidates that are far more qualified than me and have much more experience but i'll give it my best shot!

So a stressful day tomorrow - fingers crossed anywho!

And so as not to post without a piccie - heres one of my mums super duper tortoise Tommy waving at me!

x x x


  1. Good luck for tomorrow! I wish you all the best. Best thing to wear is a smile! x

  2. I hope the interview goes well :)

  3. Good luck! And just to let you know - you inspired me to make this!

  4. Cute Turtle! And congratulations on getting the job!! :)