Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Its ffffffreezing today...


In typical ‘me’ style I managed to sleep through the alarm on the one morning I really needed to be up in time. By the time I have showered and dressed and attempted to do something with my hair which normally looks something resembling this…

…then given up with my hair, I was just about on time. That was when I opened the front door and was met with a car that looked something like this…

It’s the first time that I have had to dig out the de-icer this winter and I couldn’t find it anywhere! So 15 minutes of heaters on full blast sat shivering in the driver’s seat I was ready to go and 20 minutes late, I hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come for the rest of the day?!

I am now starting to panic about christmas as today is now oficially December. Every year I leave things to the last minute and breeze through October and November saying to my self 'its aaages away, theres plenty of time' then before you know it December has arrived and the mad rush begins - will I ever learn? I think it may be a Folksy christmas this year!

Note to self: Buy de-icer!

X x x


  1. Your post made me laugh! Your pictured scenario is usually me! I am more organised this christmas than I have ever been, but I know that I will sit back and relax now and it will all be last minute again for the last of the present shopping! Hope the day improves! xxx

  2. I cannot ever imagine it being that cold but being rushed and bad hair I totally get all too often