Friday, 18 December 2009

All change

Today was my friends last day in work as she is leaving to have a baby =]
It's very exciting for her as it's her first and I'm really excited for her too. I am also a little sad as I no longer have someone to cause mischief with at work! As her last day 'treat' we all went out for a meal here. It's such a lovely, traditional pub and the food was amazing (yum).

I made her a beaded bracelet as a leaving pressie, a bit like this one (I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for her)
I'm making some more like this to give as christmas pressies to various people, they take a very long time to make but I think the end result is quite nice and sparkly!!!

I have also bought some nice new beads...
(the picture doesn't do them justice).

On a different note I have nearly finished my christmas shopping, and theres still 6 days to go (I think I'm breaking my own record). I have mainly bought books as our local book shop, Borders, is closing down which makes me sad but was great for cheap pressies, hehe! When i was younger my mum owned a book shop so I practically grew up surrounded by books and as a result I am a real book worm. I visit Borders at least once a week as I get through them so fast and I really really don't want it to close =[ =[ =[
Hope everyone's christmas preperations are going well!
x x x


  1. Merry Christmas Sarah.
    I'm sure you're get some more icing for Christmas. Maybe justy a sprinkle lol
    Have a good one sweetie.
    Catherine x

  2. Happy Christmas Sarah. Braclet looks great. Karen x

  3. Gorgeous bracelet!! The snow is lovely to look at, but hell to drive in!!
    I love books too, and am really sorry that Borders is closing down : (. The nearest one to me is in Milton Keynes. It has the best selection of books I have ever seen!!!
    Have a lovely Christmas!!

    Sharon xx