Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Ebaying Like a Mad Woman

So christmas is over and done for another year and the New Year is here. There we go that was the obligatory mention of Christmas - it's rather boring in our house at christmas, all we do is sit around and eat mainly! I did manage to do some baking and experiment with a few new reciepes but thats about it!

Today was my first real day back at work as the snow hampered my efforts on Monday and Tuesday - not that I'm complaining. Being at home allowed me to focus on sorting through the tonnes of 'stuff' that me and Martin (ok mainly me) have gathered in the two years that we have been in our current house. I am having a huge clear out for a number of reasons, which I will blog about another day,and so far I have over 20 bin bags of 'stuff' to sell, swap, give away, give to charity, burn or try and fit back into overflowing cupboards!

I seem to have everything ranging from clothes which are now 3 sizes too small (I do wonder how I ever fit into them), cuddly toys, mountains of buttons, belts, bags, shoes - you name it and I've probably got it! Last night I managed to list 26 items on ebay, it sounds like a lot but is really only about 1/2 a bin bag worth of 'stuff'. If you feel like having a look please do I need all the help I can get!

I'm going to try and photograph lots of things tonight and get some pictures on here so if anything catches your eye please get in touch - all I ask is for you to cover the price of the postage!

Well i'd better dash - work to do and all that!

I'll post some piccies tonight.

Hope you all had a good christmas
x x x

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