Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Things are a changing

So after much consideration, umming and ahhing I have decided to move blogs. I originally created this blog to share my creations and attempts at new crafting skills and techniques, something which I have not really done recently – life (the boring part of it) has sort of got in the way. I keep making, pitiful, attempts to look after my blog but I feel I have sort of lost my way.

However in just 7 short weeks (yes really only 7 WEEKS!) me, Martin, 2 horses, 2 gerbils and a van full of our favourite things will be taking a one way, non-refundable ferry ticket to France, to our new home!!! So I thought that now was as good a time as any to change some things around.

So from today I will be blogging from Cupcakes & Clover. This will be mainly made up of photos and bits and pieces about what I am stitching, sewing, sticking, cutting, bending and painting – I want to try and keep it very creative, with a bit of France news for good measure!

I will also be keeping everyone up to date with our daily antics, moving news, and the trials and tribulations we are sure to face when we arrive en France via Socks! Socks is the newest addition to our family. She is a stripy sock dog who loves to chase her stick in the garden and hunt in the flowerbeds! Socks has her own blog The Wanderings of a Stripy Sock Dog and has agreed to blog about our life as we get nearer to the BIG move. She thinks that the whole things is very exciting, but I’m not quite sure that she even knows where France is!

I hope that you all come visit me at Cupcakes & Clover and Socks at The Wanderings of a Stripy Sock Dog.



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