Thursday, 5 February 2009

Shop Shop Shop

I am sooooooo excited. The last few days have been really really busy ones but i am now the proud owner of my own little shop!

It located within Botany Bay where i have a small unit at the moment. It has all happened a lot quicker than i had planned but when i saw that my ideal shop had become available i just had to go for it. I am hoping to have the shop officially open by next saturday - fingers crossed. Tomorrow will be spent shopping for shop fittings (mainly at Ikea!). I had no idea how much work i would have to do, but i'm enjoying every minute of it.

The theme of the shop is gifts and handmade treasure from across the UK. I want it to be a treasure trove of handmade lovelies! I have found some lovely crafters and suppliers that i will be stocking and i will be posting more information about them on here as soon as i have sorted everything out.

Yesterday i payed a trip to SpringFair at the NEC. I had been planning to go for a few months but it has fallen at a really good time as it let me see lots of new and different products that have potential for my shop. It was a really busy day but well worth it i feel. I won't be able to buy wholesale on a large scale for quite a while as most companies have minimum order amounts of £300+ - its just not feasable for me yet.

I've been so busy sorting out the business and logistics side of things i haven't made a single thing all week :( I need to get making fast so i can have some of my own treasures in the shop!

As well as all of the shop madness i have also found time to pay a vist to Daisie, make a trip to SAMs, visit my mum and dad, clean my whole house to within an inch of its life, clean out the gerbils and the fish and i even slept a little too! I think it is the excitement that is keeping me going.

As i am planning to be open next saturday i want to make a special event of it - so suggestions for exciting opening day things are welcomed!



  1. Exciting news indeed!!! I wish you all the best. So your shop will open on Valentine's Day.Certainly a day to remember, you could have some kind of Valentine & Hearts theme. In a few more weeks it will be Easter, now that opens lots of green & yellow spring possibilities!
    Please keep us posted, if you have time. We all want to see these lovely things you'll be selling!

    Loads of luck & hugs!!

    Sharon xx

  2. awwww! Wow! everything came together very fast for you. Congrats!!!

  3. I hope everthing goes well for you it sounds brilliant. There's a company called The Retail Factory who are really geared up for all shop fitiing and retail supplies etc. Worth checking them out.

    best wishes from a jealous retailer!!

  4. How exciting & Lucky Brave You! I went to Botany Bay years ago - & thought it was fab, its a biyt of a trek from here, but think its time for another visit - will see if i can bend my hubbys arm... I really wish you well in your new venture - all the best. Love Lydia

  5. Oh good luck with the shop and if you are still looking for things to stock i am looking for more places to stock my things !

    Sara x

  6. It would be great to see you,if u manageto convince your hubby's arm Lydia! Be sure to call in and say hi!