Monday, 9 February 2009

Night Out & Fairy Cakes!

I am having a very very busy weekend/week! I have bought all of my shop fitting purchased now and will be fitting them on wednesday and then hopefully i can get the stock in on Friday - all very exciting!

Me and martin went out on Saturday night for our friends birthday, it had been so long since we have had a night out (way before christmas) so as expected we got very drunk, very easily! A good night was had by all.

And even though i've been busy i still had fun making and decorating these....

...and Martin had fun eating them!




  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing the shop, wish I could see it in real life! The weather should start getting better, spring will be on it's way, which will help.
    All the best to you hun!!


  2. :P He matches your cupcakes!

    Glad your shop is coming along well!!!

  3. How exciting! Would it be possible to have a few details of the shop? Or have you got all your suppliers sorted? xxxxx

  4. You must be so excited Sarah, Good Luck with it all!
    Sarah x

  5. Good luck with the shop, I'd love to come and help. I'd also love one of those cakes..heyho!

  6. Those cakes look scrummy!! Wish I lived nearer too, it sounds a great little place. Where is it, as if we visit the area, I would know where to come to?

    Wishing you all the best hun!!!

    Sharon xx