Monday, 3 August 2009

sunsets, fast cars and fairs!

Well hasn't it been a long time.

What with finding my feet in my new job, holidays, lots and lots of fairs and gereral life type things i have not had any time to visit blog land. I hope that now i will have a little more time, although i have big ideas about re-decorating the whole of the house so we will see how i go!

Last weekend me an Alex were intrepid adventurers at the Cumbira Steam Gathering, You can read about it here! It was a sunny, rainy, funny and tireing weekend, quite the combination!

I have just spent a lovely weekend with my Mummy and Daddy and did lots of yummy cooking just like when i was a little girl. I love going 'home', it was always just me and mu and dad (i am an only child) so sometimes its nice to just be the three of us again!

So since i last blogged i have:

Been on an amazing holiday to Florida with Martin and mum and dad... ...where we found some amazing waterways...

...and saw breathtaking sunsets.

I did a craft fair (with the lovely Alex) 2 days after landing back from Florida with extreem jet lag!

And i marveled at the awsome power of the Ariel Atom - with Martin behind the wheel! This was part of his 21st Birthday pressie from him mum, he got to drive 7 super cars including an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and an Audi A8 - i watched from behind my fingers!

Oh and i graduated! 3 years finally finished so i now have a BA Hons degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications! It was a lovely day as both me and Martin graduated in the same ceremony. We had both our families there and made a fab day of it!

So thats about it, i am on a major re-decorating mission so will be posting various before and after piccies very soon - please just humour me!

I hope you are all well and i will be popping by your blogs in just a minute!

x x x x x

x x x x


  1. Great to see you back!! What an eventful few months you've had!!!
    Congratulations on your degree, and the holiday looked marvellous!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. Congrats!!! So much fun you've been having huh? :D