Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Wet Weekend

My lack of presence recently is due to lots of crazyness at work. In the last month I have worked until 9pm 6 nights, stayed away at a conference for 2 nights, been out of the office for 4 days and I have just got back from a 3 day trip to London with three of our Young Carers. Phew. What a busy old month!
I was a bit aprehensive before going to London, it being my friest trip away with them by myself and the word daunted does not even to beging to sum up how I felt. Its quite scary really to think that your supposed to be totally responsible for three other people, especially when most of the time I feel I only just managed to get me and Martin from A to B in one peice!

Despite my worries everyone had a lovely weekend dispite the torrentious rain and grey skies. The three I took were aged between 16 and 18 and none onf them had been to London before so They were really excited.

The main reason for the trip was to visit the launch of a film they had made in conjunction with True Tube last month. We spent a great day on Saturday at the British Film Institute watching a handful of the films made by different youth organisations around the country. We also got the opportunity to attend 'Question Time' with some MP's and Richard Taylor (Damilola Taylor's Father and founder of the Damilola Taylor Trust) to discuss the issues and problems in today's youth society.

We also saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parlement, We stood under the London Eye in the dark and took pictures and we mosied around lots of christmas stalls on the South Bank hunting out bargains for Christmas.

The train journy back was pretty hellish though - 2 1/2 hours sat on the floor of a stupidly over crowded train is not my idea of a fun Sunday evening!

I was instantly cheered up however when I got home as these...
...were waiting for me on the table from Martin.

So now I'm back home, Martin is off in Liverpool tonight with some friends (I haven't seen him since Thursday) and I am contemplating whether or not I should treat myself to a takeaway?!

Hope everyone is okies?
x x x

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