Sunday, 27 September 2009

Aching legs and a bruised bum!

I think i've mentioned before that i have two horses (well one and a half really!), Monty and Rhona, but due to a serious lack of space (my gardens not really suitable) they both live in Cumbria with my parents while im down here in Preston.
Its not an ideal situation but at least it meant i didnt have to sell them when i moved to Preston to uni three years ago.

Just after starting uni i had a fall and broke my arm (for the second time in the exact same place) which meant that i could not ride and by the time it was healed enough my poor Monty had grown to quite like the life of leisure, munching grass all day and generally being an inactive pig! So now they are living the life of reily and I have put on 3 stone since i stopped riding =[

A couple of weeks ago i decided that i had to do something about the lack of horseiness in my life and a quick search on the internet turned up a riding school not too far away. I rang on the off chance that they could fit me in for a lesson today and they could!

The lesson was great - just like riding a bike - and i loved every minute of it (i think some people are just meant to be on a horse! I can still ride pretty well, if i do say so my self, but i just need to get my head around the technical stuff again and try and look a bit prettier.

Surfice to say not riding for three years tends to lead to extreemly sore legs and a very bruised bum after the first time back in the saddle!

I have also started goiung to a yoga class on a monday night so i dread to think how stiff i will be come Tuesday morning!

I've booked another lesson for next week and can't wait - I love it!

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  1. Awesome! Riding and yoga.

    I had a field trip in elementary school to a horse ranch. We got to ride and groom the horses. I've been wanting to take lessons, but just haven't had the oppurtunity.